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Tudomány a haj szolgálatában! A Természet hozzájárul szépségedhez! Az Emmebi magyarországi importőre a Hajtincs Kft.

Micro-camera hair diagnostics

  • Did you know that our fast-paced, stressful world, our civilization and environment have harmful exterior and interior effects on the hair and the scalp?
  • Did you know that not only men are affected by hair loss?





In both women and men, pregnant women and children, people going through menopause and the elderly are concerned, they can all be exposed to diseases affecting the hair and the scalp, which in any caseshould be treated by qualified hair therapist help! In out hair clinic most qualified experts in hair care draw up a personalized treatment for hair and scalp problems,which is performed by specialized cosmetic machines, methods and biologically active substances.



We perform a micro-camera test to provide the diagnostic accuracy of scientific findings. During the micro-camera inspection of the scalp, hair root, hair structure and condition are also verified.



Bio hair clinic. Scientific hair therapy in Óbuda.



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The O'Rising is the world's only original scalp cosmetic method and substance system according to which we create our special and individualized treatments. They can be carried out in our salon or at home. Of course, in residential application you have to follow the control panel instructions precisely. The simultaneous use of the O'Rising product line and other products is strictly prohibited.


A hair therapist also reveals internal problems, since all the acupuncture points in/on the scalp indicate the biochemical changes in our body. Imbalance leads to hair loss, dandruff and other symptoms. Primarily the hair quality, color and thickness will change. We are also successful in treating patchy hair loss, genetic hair loss, and other hair loss problems resulting from menopause condition, psoriasis or chemotherapy treatment.


The O'Rising products are guaranteed to be produced by bio-technology, exclusively from natural plant-based extracts, so they should be applied in a therapy which is suitable for the physiological cycle of the skin. The number of treatments vary according to the severity of the problem, but one treatment lasts 6 weeks at least.


The essence of our work is: "Think and act for the client"


The O'Rising active control agents are plant-derived essential elements which provide a specific solution to each existing hair and scalp problem.


Remember that our hair needs curative revival from time to time, just as much as our organic system.










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