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Dry dandruff (Pityriasis Simplex)


Unfortunately, this type of dandruff appears from one day to the next. It is caused by microfungi called Pityrosporum Ovalis, more precisely their sudden proliferation, as normally they live in symbiosis in sheath covering of the scalp. Their rapid growth is promoted if you catch a cold in the head skin (early spring is the most common), but also if the shampoo you use is too alkaline for an acidic scalp, so we upset the skin's pH balance. Dandruff rarely disappears by itself.


If natural antibiotics are used (Icelandic moss), the result is fast and spectacular, you can heal without any side effects, since they do not contain chemical substances, such as sulphur, so the pH value is restored to the scalp, the presence of Pityrosorum Ovalis decreases to a normal quantity and dandruff will vanish.


Greasy dandruff (Pityriasis Steatoide)


It is caused by Corine Bacterium. This bacterium lives in the follicles of the scalp where greasy dandruff develops and the scalp will have a strange odour. Its causes are of internal origin: it can be caused by excessive stress, clogged follicles or hormonal imbalance. Medical hair treatment completely eliminates the problem, but the treatment of respective internal problems belongs to internists.


Seborrheic Dermatitis


The growth trend of this kind of disorder assumes such proportions that in 10 years the ratio is completely reversed, now 9 out of 10 patients make appointments due to seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff! 90% instead of 10%! This ratio is shocking, and, furthermore, people do not know anything about this disorder, not even about the treatment options.


Seborrheic dermatitis is genetically encoded in all people, like the herpes virus or psoriasis (psoriasis). They are not infectious, but activated diseases. Once our organic system activates any genetic disease, from that point it becomes an active part of the body, the symptoms of which are sometimes active, sometimes passive, so these diseases are at rest with symptom-free periods, but there are also hard, painful, and inflammatory (irritated) symptomatic periods. For example, if you've had herpes once, it can always be activated (herpes simplex) in the mouth area. For example, if you have had herpes once, it can always be activated (herpes simplex) in the mouth area. The seborrheic dermatitis can have such varying periods, but will not be activated by physical contact (such as a herpes infects the other person), but by stress. Its symptoms are typical, although to non-professionals it may seem to be dandruff.


The skin gets red, the surface begins to exfoliate (membranous desquamation), starts itching, however, it only concentrates in certain areas. The location of the symptomatic spots is characteristic. The scaly, itchy, red patches typically locate in the areas of the face contour, the eyebrows, the nasal bone, the sidelocks, behind the ears, the ear canals, external ears, the the head, and, as long as the disease is active, the symptoms constantly "wander", i.e. a few spots appear and then fade in a few days to re-appear in a different place. This disorder is not considered a serious disease, but the symptoms are very unpleasant, unaesthetic, and, in addition, it is medically incurable. When a patient endures a hard, stressful period, the disease is immediately activated, and the symptoms suddenly engulf the scalp. It is more common in the case of males, and it also appears in the beard and mustache areas. Even though the disease is not curable, at least a special treatment rapidly reduces the symptoms, so it will be almost symptomless until another dose of stress activates the symptoms. As the people of today are getting more and more stress and harship, seborrheic dermatitis may become epidemic.


In our bio hair clinic center we work with scientifically developed biologically active agents approved by medical cosmetology.


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