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It is a natural thing to worry about hair loss. It is the second main problem besides greasy scalps nowadays. If you consult a professional hair therapist in time, this process can be cured with an appropriate treatment.


These days more and more young people consult hair therapists in their surgeries: Stress, environmental pollution, hormonal changes, poor eating habits, infectious foci may be held liable for these quite unpleasant but curable symptoms.


Due to our present civilization the artificially changed electromagnetic field overburdens our organic systems. We are aware that medicine has recognized this burden, a variety of physical ailments have multiplied, especially allergies, inflammations and tumors. All these weaken the immune system of the body. The head, one of the most important areas of the body is not an exception, where the skin layers are the thinnest, and all the acupuncture points, meridian channels are present. Therefore hair therapy is important, which scientifically recognizes the disharmony processes taking place in the body operating in parallel with the scalp malfunction symptoms. The tasks of a hair therapist are therefore important, because genes can be determined from hair fibers. Baldness and the tolerance level of an individual depend on genetic endowment.


Our organic system first signals with hair weakness, fiber thinning, and then hair thinning!


In this case the hair falls out evenly in the whole area of the head. Alopecia areata is also possible, the causes of which are 80% psychic origin, the result of prolonged stress periods. The acceleration of social life, increased stress at work can have a negative impact on the entire organic system, not to mention the caused oxygen deficiency!


Fortunately, we rarely encounter complete hair loss, but even this case can efficiently be treated and the hair re-grown using original O’Rising products.


Unfortunately, there are more and more cheap imitations of this method and attempts to imitate the original products nowadays. The media and advertising constantly deceive the people , so we have to be very careful!


Between 15- 25 years balding is not acceptable because of "bad genes"!


Androgenetic alopecia is age characteristic, which depends on the hair roots’ becoming less resistant to androgen hormones together with the ageing process.


At a young age, this may be due to more than 8-10 hours of intellectual work, constant stress, hard physical labour, excessive muscle-building sports, zinc, selenium, iron and / or vitamin deficiency, consumption of excessive synthetic food, alcoholism, drug abuse and the use of anti-baldness as well. 


Baldness is a genetic predisposition, but that does not necessarily mean that the person is prone to baldness, especially at a young age (however there are some exceptions).


 Medical doctors do not yet know exactly what the cause of juvenile androgenic alopecia is. According to some observations "favourable living conditions" and comfortable life also plays an important role, for example, a 30-year-old man engaged in active office work has much less hair than a competitive athlete (non-bodybuilders) of the same age or a homeless "a homeless child" (interestingly, in the case of homeless people living in the streets for many years balding is very rare before the age of 45-55).


 There is a lot of ongoing research on the subject in the 16 member states of The European Union, a lot of research news is available on the Internet, mostly in German, but there is plenty of it in English, too. In 2011 38% of European men between 18-30 started to grow bald to some degree, the rate was 9% in Western Europe in 1981, while in Central Europe then it was 14%. 


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