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The Menopause

Hair and scalp problems may develop in old age. The treatment of these problems is difficult, because hair or scalp problems are natural phenomena due to aging. In today's modern therapy even old age hair problems can be slowed down, even if we can not stop time. In general, the most common hair and scalp problems include hair loss, thinning, and lifeless hair is also frequent, when our hair falls out or becomes pale or brittle. These problems may occur independently from our age. If we discover the cause of hair loss, the treatment is quick and easy. In the majority of hair problems many things may be hidden in the background. It is often just a natural change of hair, or the weather conditions wear out our hair, but it is also possible that there is an internal disorder in the background. 


Hair loss is the most typical problem in old age. The appearance of hair and scalp problems is normal at this age, i.e. the cause of hair loss is due to the aging of hair follicles. The hair roots and hairs have their own life-rhythm, and the rhythm turnover can be generated by many factors, for example, hormonal disorders, inflammatory diseases, or overloading of the hair with cosmetic products. A hair follicle grows only a certain number of hairs, after the fall out comes another one, so it is a natural regeneration process, however, as the hair follicle grows old, it does not grow new hair after falling out. Old age hair loss is different from other hair loss cases occurring at different ages, since its condition is permanent, so it is not just about hair loss, but also balding. It is a slow process, often the hair does not fall out right away, but first thins, becomes weak and pale, resulting in a slow-paced hair loss.


Getting gray


All the elderly are affected by getting gray, but it is not indifferent when the process starts and how quickly the hairs become colorless and white. While graying in women rather depends on inherited conditions, men are even more burdened with the external environmental impacts. 


In the case of properly maintained and healthy hair and scalp, graying may begin later and its degree may be more lenient. 











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