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Hair loss in females



It is a false assumption that only men suffer from thinning hair. In fact, even women significantly suffer from varying degrees of hair loss, which may undermine the self-image and emotional life of women. 


We think that men's hair loss is more acceptable and women often suffer in silence from hair loss symptoms. Unfortunately, most doctors do not take the women's hair loss seriously, in some cases they neglect the symptoms of a possible serious illness by saying that "it's no big deal" and that "we must learn to live with it."


Hair loss can be temporary or permanent. Based on accurate diagnostics temporary hair loss can be treated more easily. Nevertheless, temporary hair loss may become permanent due to incorrect diagnostics. Hair medicine, which investigates skin functions and the causes of dysfunctions in a specific area, points out defective internal processes in the organic system, which may be the real cause of hair loss. 


Alopecia means excessive or abnormal hair loss. Different types of alopecia are known. One of the most common factors in male and female hair loss is that it always refers to a symptom which indicates that the organic system is not working properly. The hair does not fall out unless a hormonal disorder, illness or other cause do not occur. There may be a simple reason, such as the existence of a gene that is responsible for the production of male hormones, but it can also indicate the existence of several kinds of diseases. 


One of the most dangerous risk factors in hair loss is the presence of the electromagnetic environment. For example, cell phones, electrical devices in our home (electro-smog). Excessive use of chemicals (fabric softeners, detergents, household chemical vapors) may adversely contribute to alopecia. Healthy physiological processes in the skin change, the harmonious cell-cell interactions show disorder, and the symptoms indicate dysfunctional skin condition. 


Short-term periods, such as stress, pregnancy and certain medications can also cause hair loss. In these cases, the hair often (but not always) grows back when the period has passed. If the underlying cause is treated, the hairs often return to a random pattern, and they start growing again and the hair loss problem ceases. Unfortunately, to some women hair loss can become a struggle lasting a lifetime.


Treatment, solution


The best results are achieved when treatment is initiated with the appearance of hair loss as soon as possible. Chronic conditions can damage the hair follicles.


Do not wait for your hair loss condition! In our bio hair clinic center we work with scientifically developed biologically active agents approved by medical cosmetology.




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