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Tudomány a haj szolgálatában! A Természet hozzájárul szépségedhez! Az Emmebi magyarországi importőre a Hajtincs Kft.


Our beauty salon offers qualified hair therapy micro-camera examination with a three hundred-fold magnification performance which helps to visually confront particular problems.


We also check the scalp and the hair structure condition. The hair's strength and nourishment always depends on the condition of the hair root.


97% of the hair is made up by a protein called keratin and 3% of water. 
Hair consists of tile-like flakes covering each other to protect the interior hair. The flakes are covered in an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands that protect hair from the harmful environmental effects. Hair brightness depends on the condition of the cuticula. The more regularly the cuticla flakes overlap each other, the silkier and shinier the hair is, as it reflects the light. When the hair is dry, dull, split, it is always a result of damaged cuticula. 


The medullary substance in the middle of the hair shaft is connected to the hair wart providing the material flow and the air passage in both directions.


As you can see, the biology hair is complex and difficult, and there are different types. Each type of hair must be treated differently. Various effects can be achieved by natural substances containing 100% plant extracts.


The hair is rebuilt by a biochemical process and a permanent restoration can be achieved in this way.


The scientifically developed biochemically active natural substances and"pro" materials comply with the human organic system, and they can be integrated perfectly leading to a complete recovery.


Hair structure problems:


  • fine hair,
  • Dry, weak and unmanageable types of hair,
  • chemically treated, heavily damaged hair


Fine hair


It is genetically formed. It can be strengthened, its resistance can be improved.


Dry, brittle hair


The splitting of hair ends also signals that the follicles are not provided with adequate nutrients. It requires gentleness. Strong hair care substances are not recommended. After washing the hair and hair ends mask treatment is needed. It should be dried in open air or with a warm-speed hair drier if necessary. The hair structure can be rebuilt locally.


Damage caused by hair dyeing chemicals


If done properly, and then treated properly, there will not be a problem. In the course of hair dyeing and bleaching the hair undergoes a structural change, and if carried out with inappropriate materials, it becomes dry and brittle. As a result of the degrading protein in the hair it deteriorates, the cuticle softens, the parts do not close tightly with each other, and the inner structure of the hair becomes unprotected and exposed to moisture loss more easily. Split hair ends may occur. A treatment with a special dye mix and (pharamceutical) additives will solve this problem and also enhance the work of a less skilful hairdresser. After all the bad dyeing, the "spoilt and wiry" hair can be made magic using O’Rising hair mask.









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